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Basic Information In Choosing Large Indoor Flower Pot

The first thing you need to know when choosing a Large Indoor Flower Pot for your plant, even before you look at the style you need for your home, is the size of pot you need for your plant.

Personally, if I want to buy a pot for a plant I just purchased, I buy the same size pot the plant comes with, as I want to make sure the plant adjusts to the new space before it starts working on expanding roots.

However, if you are picking a new pot because your plant has overgrown its current one, you need to consider the type of plant your are buying a pot for.

If you have a small to medium size plant, (current pot is less than 10″ in diameter), you want to buy a new pot that is ± 1″-2″ bigger in diameter than its current one.

On the other hand, if you have a larger plant, with a pot that is already over 10″ in diameter, you want to buy a pot that is ± 2″ to 4″ bigger in diameter than its current one. You would use this same rule for a fast growing plant.

I bought this Jade Plant at a garage sale. It came with 3 layers of pots. The plant clearly needed a bigger pot to support its weight, so the previous owner must have gradually added pots to the original plastic one instead of repotting.

This picture shows the roots of the Jade plant going through the second pot and shaping around the third pot layer.

You should definitely consider the type of pot material that best suits your plant’s needs.

In general, all plants will thrive in terracotta and ceramic pots as they are porous and dry more evenly than plastic or even wood pots.

However, some plants require very specific type of pots. As an example, orchids should not be planted in regular pots as they need very little soil and require very specific roots conditions; there are pots specifically designed for orchids.

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