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Choose a Pot for Your Plant

Now that we're all spending more time indoors, a green shake will add some much-needed energy to your space, while lush hues will liven up any living room, tabletop, or DIY office. Even better, our favorite seasonal planters range from the cost of take-out dinners to a new pair of Vans, so if your green thumb fails and your plant baby fails, you don't have to feel guilty about not making it through the season.
Picking the right pot for your plant can be a breeze once you learn the basic rules of thumb. Dimensions, materials and drainage requirements. But choosing a pot that really looks good with your plants and your home can be tricky. Plants and pots need to be matched according to their visual characteristics. Also, the combination of plants and pots needs to fit into your home decor.
You may have the most beautiful plant, but if you put it in a pot that doesn't accentuate its beauty, it will also go unnoticed! Picking pots for your plants is like picking a dress for a person. Some people look great in bright colors, some look great in black only. Different clothes are designed for people of different sizes. Some scarf colors look especially good on people with dark hair or darker skin tones. The same goes for plants. Not every pot looks good on every plant.

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