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Choose Suitable Watering Can For Planting

Do you have a favourite coffee mug? Just like many of us have our rituals, plants would also like to be cared for with proper gardening equipment. Watering is crucial to keep houseplants alive. Thus, it is not only important to do it correctly; the type and material of Plastic Watering Can matter as well. Here, we analyze the different convenient options.

Can types
Watering cans are divided into two main groups: garden and indoor. For plants that grow at home, an indoor watering can is unconditionally needed. It has a small volume and a fine tip.

The indoor watering can is used for:

1. Point watering.The small tip makes watering much more comfortable. You can water in very hard-to-reach places without being afraid that flood will occur.

2. Watering the seedlings. Similar: since you can water a little and pointwise, you can eliminate the risk of overflow.

3. For liquid fertilizers. You can pour in fertilizer for your indoor flower in a very delicate stream (which is important as overerfertilizing is easy).

The indoor type differs from the garden type in its construction. The first one has a long spout that exceeds the size of the body, which is created for ease of watering.

The volume, of course, is also less, it reaches about 1-2 liters. Meanwhile, the outdoor type has twice as much, so it feels comfortable in hands.

In most cases, the choice is made between plastic and iron.

1. Metal. You can immediately assess the strength of the material, which is more problematic to defect. The main metals for manufacturing are zinc, stainless steel or copper. Of course, because of the materials themselves, the weight of the watering can is much higher than that of a plastic one, besides, the volume of water fits there more. You should always take care of such a tool: corrosion can begin to form at the bottom. The watering cans made of copper or zinc have an antiseptic and fungicidal effect. Watering cans made of metal are usually used in the garden.

2. Plastic. These are of low weight, which is among the advantages. Also, the manufacturers offer much more varied design than for metal ones. Here, you can choose any color or ornament that you like.

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