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Flower pot selection

Just as many of us have a favorite pair of pants or a special way of folding towels, knowledgeable gardening suits also have their preferred watering can. Each option is as personal as those pants and provides a slightly different watering experience. Different types of watering cans can play a specific role in the home and landscape.

Many different types of spray cans include unique body styles, necks of different diameters and lengths, and a series of convenient nozzle designs. Each one is designed for different plant needs. The style you choose depends on the size of the plant and the method required to deliver the water. Some tips on when to use a watering can with a specific design feature can help you decide which equipment to buy.

The two most basic watering cans are metal or plastic. Plastics tend to be cheaper and generally less durable, but these watering cans are lightweight and easy to carry. Metal cans can be used for a longer period of time, provided that they are galvanized and rust-proof. These may be a bit heavy, but their durability means you can use a reliable watering can throughout your life in the garden.

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