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Match Plant to The Garden Wall Hanging Pot

Once you’ve figured out your plant’s needs, the next very important step is to find a Planter Flower Pots the emphasizes and frames your plant properly.

You want to make sure the colour and shape of your plant’s foliage is highlighted by the Garden Wall Hanging Pot you buy for it. There is no point in buying a screaming pot that takes all the attention away from your beautiful plant! It’s like buying the wrong frame for a painting.

For example, If your plant has beautiful and variegated colours on its foliage, you should avoid heavily patterned and bright colours pots; If your plant has tiny leaves with an intricate pattern on it, avoid pots with patterns in favour of plain solid colours.

There are several ways to determine the right pot for your plant; here below are some parameters you should consider.

Proportion is a critical element of every balanced composition.

A proportionate pot is a pot that isn’t too big or too small, too large or too tall in relation to the plant in it.

However, you can play with proportions by exaggerating them to emphasize a specific plant shape. For example; you can buy a very skinny and tall pot for a tall, longilineal cactus, such as an Euphorbia Candelabrum, or, on the opposite, buy a large and low pot for a Barrel Cactus.

If the beauty of your plant stands in its blooms or foliage colour, whether it’s a bright and bold colour or a pale and delicate colour, you should consider playing with contrasts.

For example; if you have a plant with a deep pink flower, you should consider buying a pot with muted tones so that the flowers are accentuated properly,

Another way to play with contrasts is to start with the pot and then find a plant that suits it. For example; let’s pretend you have found an amazing pot, with the most beautiful and interesting shape. What plant in your house is a good contrast that can highlight the pot shape even more? Well, it really depends on the type of pot you want to use…See picture B here below as an example!

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