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Mini watering can that children can use

Most children will be involved in watering plants in the garden or home at some point, but one thing is for sure, they need a good mini watering can by their side. Watering plants or vegetables is a great way for children to develop motor skills, understand cause and effect, and embrace outdoor activities. Children may become the next generation of gardeners.

Water the plants once a week instead of lightly watering every day. Watering gently by hand will only wet the surface of the soil. As the roots stay where the water is, they will become shallow and faint. If the water has time to soak deeply, the roots will follow it and grow longer and stronger to collect and store more water.

Watering cans are suitable for containers, especially on balconies and roofs without hose taps. Gently spray with a hose and manual watering is suitable for small areas. Our mini watering can provides some functions: it is very sturdy, and because of its cute design, children are easily attracted and use it to water the plants at home.

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