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Size and Handle Position For The Watering Can With Removable Shower

Size is another issue. If you are using Watering Can With Removable Shower for light duty work, like gently watering under the leaves of an African Violet, you need a little guy. For bigger jobs in the greenhouse or garden, choose one that you can comfortably lift but that keeps you from having to make frequent trips to the hose bib.

It may seem odd to worry about the length and size of a watering neck but consider the different types of plants you will be irrigating. In the case of the African Violets, for example, a longer, slender neck is best to help you get under the leaves. Longer necks are also useful for hanging baskets and other hard to reach locations. Shorter necks are sufficient for most overhead watering and offer stability without much dribbling.

The position of the handle may be something to consider too. Hold the can and see if it is comfortable to pour. Different types of watering cans will handle in distinctive ways. A double handled model may be useful for older gardeners or children who can stabilize the can effortlessly with both hands. It is important to know what type of plants and situations you will be using the can so you can determine which specifications meet your needs.

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