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The best choice for a watering can

If your plants are growing rapidly, your garden tool collection may also need to be expanded. Far from being bulky and sober utilitarian, our favorite watering can combines style, character and function so you'll want to proudly display it next to your garden.
Whether your green thumb involves caring for a houseplant or a seedling that doesn't want to be drowned by a garden hose blast, it's important to provide the right amount of water. Watering cans help make it easier to adjust the amount of water delivered and are a convenient way to deliver water to indoor plants and outdoor containers that require regular watering.
A suitable watering can will have the right capacity, structure, weight and water delivery system to make your plant care as easy and comfortable as possible. Aside from size and weight, whether you want a one- or two-handle pot, the type of flowers and plants you water, and the amount of water they require will play a key role in finding the best watering can.

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