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What should I pay attention to when buying indoor flower pots?

When shopping for an indoor planter, it's easy to buy one based on aesthetics. But experts point out that in addition to the appearance of the pot, you should also consider factors such as its material and its drainage capabilities. They also recommend considering which type of pot is best for the specific plant you are growing.
There are many different types of soil and growing media, including gravel or sand. In general, you should not use outdoor gardening or potting soil. Don't use soil dug from an outdoor garden in containers for indoor plants, as this can transfer harmful diseases and pests to your containers.
Moisturizing is an important quality to consider when purchasing indoor potting soil. The soil should retain the right amount of moisture between waterings and have enough air for the roots of the plants to breathe. It is advisable to look for fertile indoor potting soil so your plants can extract enough nutrients from the soil to grow.

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